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Quality, Integrity and Affordability

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Quality, Integrity and Affordability 

We pride ourselves on keeping pools of all shapes and sizes in sparkling condition throughout the year  in Jacksonville, Florida and all surrounding counties.

Crystal Clear Pools for a GREAT Price!

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  • Monthly hand vacuuming of pool
  • Weekly check of the PH balance 
  • Total alkalinity 
  • Calcium hardness level
  • Clean the skimmer basket
  • Clean the pump filter basket
  • Clean and maintain pool filter
  • Maintain proper chemical balance in your pool
  • Check and maintain pool disinfectant level
  • Stabilizer for proper swimming pool balance
  • Bi-weekly brush; pool walls, flat suffices, steps, tanning ledge etc.


If you already have a pool company and are unhappy with them why not give Moon's Pool Cleaning a try?  Moon's Pool Cleaning promises to provide you dependable and honest pool service at a reasonable price.

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With summer right around the corner, why hesitate? Call Moon's Pool Cleaning today. We can't wait to offer you the best service for you and your family!